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Quang Binh
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Tuesday, 19 April 2011 14:25

The Fountain of Wisdom located right in the center of the city has been the symbol for non-stop flow of knowledge which drops through generation to generation of students.


I arrived in Leuven in late September 2009. The city seemed to be more bustling when the students around the world flocked into the city for the opening of the academic year. Not surprisingly, Leuven is the “student city” of Belgium.

Leuven is known as an attractive student city in the center of Flanders, Belgium. Students account for nearly fifty per cents of the city’s population. All the services and activities are intended to students and for students. The campuses of K.U.Leuven scattering around the city, the young smiling faces have been parts of my memories during the study in Leuven.

Leuven embodies the significant student identities from its landscape to people. The City Central Library is not only the place for research but also a must-see attraction to any tourists. The Fountain of Wisdom located right in the center of the city has been the symbol for non-stop flow of knowledge which drops through generation to generation of students.

Leuven is particularly bustling at the beginning of the academic year and quiet during holidays. It is jubilant at festivals and especially serious during the exams periods. Every exams time arrives, academic atmosphere pervades throughout the city. This atmosphere can be found everywhere, from Heverlee – campus of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Natural Sciences to the Faculty of Education, Economics, Law, Linguistics  in the city center. All of these make Leuven unique from other cities.

The city has many special offers for students. Students can get free bus travel, 50% reduction when having lunch or dinner in the cafeteria of the K.U.Leuven. Many restaurants and cafes also have discounts for students.

In Leuven, Thursday night was the weekend for students instead of Saturday and Sunday. Cafes and bars are packed with students after a hard week of study. Every Friday afternoon, Belgian students are flocking to the railway station for their family weekend visit. The “melodies” made by the wheels of students’ suitcases at the weekends are only heard in Leuven. And this would deposit forever in the heart of anyone who has spent the best of his life in this student city.

(Written by: Chu Quang Binh - University of Leuven, 2009-2010)


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