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Around 30 minutes by train from Brussels, the small and ancient city of Leuven is the second home of many Vietnamese students until they finish study. 


Katholieke University Leuven (KUL) is not only one of the most ancient universities of the Belgium but also of the European, in which thousands of international students choose to be their school to fill the knowledge. So the Vietnamese students, who come from every parts of Vietnam, join in here in a small ethnic community in a big family of international friends. 

With the friendly atmosphere, fully-equipped classrooms and libraries, KUL is the ideal place for study. The Belgian friends and professors, despite the difference in culture and behavior, always support foreign students in their research.

Studying abroad may be easy, may be hard, especially to some with difficulty in language and education system compatibility. Surrounding by the encouragement from professors, foreign friends and Vietnamese students, I must confess that the lesson to be a man is truly worth above all.

Instead of critics or disregarding, you receive only the caring and encouragement from people around, 'cause they know it's already a great achievement if you can overcome yourself in the long way of learning.

Study abroad, as I always thinks, is not as a way full of roses as people thought. But you learn to be self-reliance and self-control, in your own life, in your own work, and then you will find the true value of being a lucky guy who have a chance absorbing knowledge within the heart of an advanced society.

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Alumni trong tuần

Huong Thi Thuy Ngo Master of Science in Aquaculture 1999-2001
Le H Phuc International and Comparative Law 2005-2006
Vy Pham Mai Nguyen Master of Management 2008-2009
Hong Dan Nguyen Ingenieur de Gestion 1994-1999
Dung Viet Nguyen Moleculer biology 2003-2005
Xuan Thi Thanh Nguyen AVLM 2011-2011
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We are pleased to welcome you to the Vietnam Belgium Alumni Club (VBAC) hosted by the Belgian Embassy in Hanoi. This website is developed as an effort of the Belgian Embassy to create an official information portal of Belgium Alumni in Vietnam, with an aim of connecting Vietnamese nationals who have studied in Belgium socially and professionally
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